Coaching is the most individual, direct and creative way to develop your personality and to enhance your own performance. It is an immensely, inspiring approach to finding and realising your real desires, goals, ideas and visions.

heart.beat sets you in motion. This sparks tremendous fireworks of inner energy, joy and activity. Once this power is ignite you become clear, develop new goals and perspectives, which give your life a new direction. Perhaps most importantly, coaching can help you to develop the courage you need to make positive change, self-fulfilment and success happen.

Personal Growth Coaching

The personality is what gives a person its identity. It shows which values and attitudes are important to someone and how they behave in a given situation, such as co-operating or communicating with other people. The personality develops constantly in a life cycle. heart.beat guides and accelerates your natural development by using creative methods like Yoga postures, constellations, metaphors, ... and external stimulus combined with the inspiration of physical and intellectual movement.

Your benefit

  • Explore and clarify your true desires and goals.
  • Strengthen your self-awareness, self-esteem and appearance.
  • Improve your social and emotional skills.
  • Reduce conflicts and personal crisis.
  • Become active and achieve the plans and ideas you’ve postponed for long enough.

Coaching in motion - heart.beat Special!

Every coaching session inspires you immediately to reflect: something is moving in your head, a change is being initiated, which moves you to action. Thinking has a direct impact on your body and your emotions. Thus, physical exercise clears your head, inspires you to new ideas and helps you to let go, you immediately feel better! heart.beat gives external impulse through movement (walking, running, hiking, you name it!), which accelerates and deepens your personal development. Mind, body and emotions will be considered and taken into account similarly in order to achieve sustained success

Your benefit

  • Improve your performance.
  • Awaken your creative potential.
  • Get an accelerated and deeper insight into desired changes.
  • More balance and improved well-being of mind, body and emotions.
  • Immediate personality development.

Coaching & Yoga - heart.beat Special!

Coaching & Yoga are a perfect match since they both stimulate exploration, reflection, relaxation, letting go and immediate personal development. heart.beat prepares your individual programme according to your goals which includes asanas (body postures), breathing exercises and relaxation methods as interventions during the coaching session. This will help you to achieve your goals and to feel an immediate, sustainable effect and success.  

Your benefit

  • Improve your concentration & performance.
  • Increased consciousness & awareness of your goals.
  • More flexibility and openness for new things.
  • Immediate awareness of your personal development.
  • Let go too many thoughts and unwanted habits.

Leadership Coaching

People who are entrusted to leadership roles face high expectations, great challenges and above all maintaining their own enthusiasm and high demand regarding their new responsibility. heart.beat accompanies prospective, new and experienced leaders with the development of their personal leadership styles. This journey will strenghten their authenticity and credibility, which will help guide them to states of more instinctiveness, excellence and serenity in their roles.

 Your benefit

  • Recognise, reflect and actively shape your leadership role.
  • Gain orientation and certainty in decision making processes.
  • Bear responsibility with serenity.
  • Establish more effective relationships with your employees, managers and peers.
  • Develop the right leadership behaviour for different situations.

Support in change situations

If I change myself my environment also changes, if my environment changes, I have to change too. Change is one of the most positive aspects in our life since it helps us to grow. Every change - irrespective of whether it has been triggered by interal or by external action – makes you feel strange first of all, irritated and perhaps even stressed. It takes an extraordinary power, activity and a big portion of courage. heart.beat takes this as a starting point and works with you to change your frustrations and fear in positive thoughts and accompanies you as your sparring partner who inspires you in personal or professional situations to make positive change happen.

Your benefit

  • Greater awareness to identify new challenges and changes earlier.
  • Positive perception and an active role in change situations.
  • Better understanding of your own behaviour in change processes.
  • Ability to keep a better balance between preserving and changing.
  • Effective communication and interation with employees as a leader in change processes.

Stress and Self Management

Stress may have different impacts: from a slight bad temper due to excessive demands through to physical tensions, pain and disease. Stress can sometimes be reduced through more efficient and conscious approach to self and time management. heart.beat provides you with an atmosphere that is calm and productive by working with you to identify and tackle your personal stress triggers or stressors. We encourage a greater level of self-awareness and inner calmness to strengthen your mental and physical well-being and develop your own „personal tool box” for recurrent stress situations.

Your benefit

  • Identify your specific stress triggers and your responses.
  • Encourage greater inner calmness and balance.
  • Reduce stress factors and situations.
  • More easily identify and assess your priorities.
  • More efficient self- and time-management

Burn-out Prevention

In the fast-paced, performance-focused society we live in, burn-out is a disease which needs to be taken seriously. Many people who are approaching or even experiencing burn-out are often not aware. Therefore, it is essential to take important steps in order to prevent burn-out before it is too late. heart.beat provides the ideal programme for this thanks to our integrated approach underpinned by physical movement: Our coaching aims to detect possible causes of risk and encourages you to actively work on tackling them, yoga aims at immediately letting go in order to create the space to gain more balance, relaxation and well-being.

Your benefit

  • Reduce your personal stress factors and situations.
  • Sharpen your awareness and detecting of the early warning signs.
  • To teach you to let go immediately & encourage relaxation.
  • Experience less conflict and be a more effective communicator.
  • Enjoy better mental and physical health and well-being and experience more joy in life.


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