Das Rad ist eine wichtige Körperposition im Hatha Yoga. Es durchblutet das Gehirn und reduziert Kopfschmerzen, Migräne und Müdigkeit.

Yoga isn’t sport nor a religion – it has become a life style: an immediate, focused way to get stress under control and to develop your personality:

  • Strengthen your body & will 
  • Calm your breathing 
  • Calm your mind 
  • Awaken your vital energ

heart.beat Yoga enhances your well-being, your performance and your overall health.  

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga aims to strengthen your body, mind and determination, stretch your muscles and support flexibility and easiness of the body. Together with deep and conscious breathing your mind calms own and with relaxation your energy may flow more freely. A comforting sense of well-being and happiness, along with the accompanying physical benefits, are experienced, soon after beginning to practise yoga.  heart.beat offers open yoga sessions to practise in a group and private yoga sessions which are personally and individually adapted to your needs and desires.

Business Yoga

heart.beat designs and organises special yoga courses (for beginners and advanced practitioners) for your employees at your company. The courses may be specifically tailored to your needs, desires and requirements. heart.beat Yoga 4 business is an ideal antidote to our hectic professional lives, which are characterised by stress, uncertainty and change. Above all, your employees will benefit from the following positive effects:
  • Immediate perceived stress relief, relaxation and improved well-being.
  • Burn-out prevention.
  • Strengthening and forming your body through specific body postures.
  • Getting rid of tensions in your body and mind and making your energy flow again.  
  • Calming down your breath and as a result your thoughts.
  • Improving your concentration and performance.
  • Supporting your personality development.
  • Fostering positive thinking and strengthening your motivation and endurance.
  • Supporting your physical and mental mobility, health and balance in daily work life.

Coaching & Yoga - heart.beat Special!

Coaching & Yoga are a perfect match since they both stimulate exploration, reflection, relaxation, letting go and immediate personal development. heart.beat prepares your individual programme according to your goals which includes asanas (body postures), breathing exercises and relaxation methods as interventions during the coaching session. This will help you to achieve your goals and to feel an immediate, sustainable effect and success.  

Your benefit

  • Increased concentration and improved performance.
  • Increased consciousness and awareness of your goals. 
  • More flexibility and openness for new things.
  • Immediate awareness of your personal development.
  • Let go too many thoughts and unwanted habits.


Meditation is one of the most effective methods to calming your mind and thoughts, which leads to inner peace, balance and relaxation. Meditation cannot be taught, it comes through regular practise by itself. heart.beat shows you the principles of how to meditate and creates the right conditions to cultivate the practice of meditation. For people who are striving for inner peace and self realisation, meditation provides an ideal way to come closer to this goal.  


15th February 2018

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