heart.beat was founded by Sonja Langer. Sonja has always been passionate about supporting people with their personal development and growth. Through her own experience, Sonja discovered that a profound source of her own personal growth is through the movement of her own body.

Sonja first started to feel the powerful positive effects that movement had on her overall well-being and personal drive through long distance running. Not only did it offer the perfect balance for her demanding career, but she also discovered that her experiences of training and competing (to win, of course!) provided a creative resource for her to take back into a corporate setting.

In 1996 she began to explore different styles of Yoga. She immediately noticed the positive impact on her life, and above all the dramatic increase in her own well-being. Sonja was struck by the great possibility yoga offered to enhance her body, mind and her emotions and to have them “under control”. After 13 years of pracicing yoga she finally made real her intention to complete a demanding intensive Hatha Yoga Teachers’ Training Course.

By founding heart.beat Sonja is now realising another of her dreams: to combine and provide all of her immense expertise in management, coaching and process design with her passion for yoga and sports to people who want to develop and grow in order that they can lead a well balanced, happy life in spite of and thanks to their challenging jobs.



15th February 2018

Yoga Wohlfühlreise nach Istrien

Die 5-tägige Yoga-Wohlfühl-Reise zur Entspannung und Selbst-Entdeckung bietet Inspiration, Zeit und...



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