heart.beat provides skilled and intuitive sparring partners who understand your needs, desires and requirements. They will work with you with greatest respect and appreciation to successfully achieve your goals.

Based on the sound, hands-on management experience and the integration of intellecutal, physical and emotional movement with which the relevant topics are treated, the full development and growth potential can be unleashed and the right decisions can be taken. Your view will be sharpened and you will be guided through your own personal development process.

The innovative, personalised design of this joint path towards your goals encourages your enthusiasm and participation, unleashes immediate progress and creates positive and sustained changes in your personal and professional growth.


15th February 2018

Yoga Wohlfühlreise nach Istrien

Die 5-tägige Yoga-Wohlfühl-Reise zur Entspannung und Selbst-Entdeckung bietet Inspiration, Zeit und...



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